Judith Lungen Selected as Featured Artist in “Modern Renaissance” Magazine

Modern Renaissance Magazine has selected Judith Lungen as a Featured Artist in their April 2022 issue.

Watch: Israel Philharmonic Releases 2022 Celebration of Holiday Spirit

The Israel Philharmonic releases 2022 Passover video, a fun, uplifting celebration of holiday spirit

Ofer Gadi Stolarov Performs Dror Binder’s “Seven Miniatures Op.6”

Dror Binder - Seven Miniatures Op.6 Ofer Gadi Stolarov, Piano I - Arnold Schönberg II - Modest Mussorgsky III - Claude Debussy IV - Robert Schumann V - Alban Berg VI - George Gershwin VII - Sergei Rachmaninov More about the piece...

Violinist Itamar Zorman Releases Violin Odyssey

On Friday, June 3, 2022, violinist Itamar Zorman releases a new album Violin Odyssey on First Hand Records. Born out of Zorman’s 2020 live-streamed video series Hidden Gems, while the world was locked down and live-concerts were stalled, the album is a virtual voyage...

2022 Kibbutz Summer Intensive

The Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company welcomes high school and university-aged dance students from across the world to spend their summer with us for an unforgettable 2-week, 4-week, or 6-week Summer Intensive dance program at...

Oran Etkin’s Timbalooloo Brings Music to Ukraine Refugees

Oran Etkin's project 'Timbalooloo' is traveling to the Czech Republic to bring classes & concerts to children fleeing the war in Ukraine

‘Endless’, New EP by Yotam Ben-Or Out Now

Yotam Ben-Or released his EP 'Endless', the first half of 'Endless Deliberations'

Nofar Yacobi Performed at Teatro Comunale di Bologna

Nofar Yacobi had her debut at Teatro Comunale di Bologna in a new production of “Ariadne auf Naxos” by Richard Strauss, in the role of Najade. This is the very first time in history...

Listen: ‘Tales of Violin’ by Yann Eldor, Echos Pain of War

Under the call "please no more war", young violinist and AICF grant recipient Yann Eldor composed a musical piece and accompanying video based on his reactions to the news of the war in Ukraine

Liat Segal and Yasmine Meroz Send ‘Impossible Object’ to Space

Artist Liat Segal and Physicist Yasmine Meroz will be sending their art piece titled 'Impossible Object' to the International Space Station

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Music Released by Loretta Kay-Feld

Pieces of music specially commissioned for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee have been released by their creator in Israel, Loretta Kay-Feld. The British-Israeli composer says she was privately contacted by a member of the Royal...

Ilana Raviv Dedicates Her Painting “Refugee” to the Children of Ukraine

"Refugee" is a painting that symbolizes the tragedy, sorrow, and perseverance of all those who have had to flee their homes in times of war and conflict.