Aviv Competitions

AICF’s Aviv Competitions have been held since 1999 and assist in the advancement of outstanding Israeli musicians who are just embarking on their artistic journey, through the distribution of prizes in different fields of musical performance.

The Aviv Competitions are intended for musicians 21 to 33 years of age who are ready for a professional career. The Competitions are held by AICF in co-operation with the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art and supported by the Ministry of Culture and Sport every two years.

One prize is awarded in every field. In addition to the monetary prize, winning the competition bestows exposure to audiences and critics, live performances, radio broadcasts in Israel and assistance in career development in Israel and abroad.

Past Winners of the Aviv Competitions

The Rafi Guralnik Prize for Piano
2020                                       Almog Segal

2018                                       Yuval Chen

2016                                       Alon petrilin

2014                                       Tomer Gewirtzman

2012                                       Raviv Leibzirer

2010                                       Boris Giltburg

2008                                       Roman Rabinovich

2006                                       Victor Stanislavsky

2004                                       Inon Barnatan

2002                                       Ran Dank

2001                                       Einav Yarden

2000                                       Dror Biran

1999                                       Iddo Bar-Shai

The Michal Oren Prize for Voice
2018                                       Sivan Keren

2015                                       Daniela Skorka

2012                                       Tal Ganor

2009                                       Rachel Frenkel

The Doris and Mori Arkin Prize for Voice
2006                                       Gal James

2003                                       Anna Virovlanski

The Eva and Georg Koigen Prize for the Best Performance of an Israeli Vocal Piece, donated by Mira Zakai
2018                                       Sivan Keren

2015                                       Daniela Skorka

2012                                       Gan-ya Ben-Gur Akselrod

Best Performance of an Israeli Vocal Piece Prize
2009                                       Mima Millo

Best Performance of an Israeli art Song
2003                                       Gal Games

The Ilona Kornhauser Prize for Violin, donated by the Kornhauser family of the Canada-Israel Cultural Foundation                                     
2020                                      Yamen Saadi

2014                                      Daniel Aizenshtadt

2011                                       Kobi Malkin

2008                                       Semion Gavrikov

1999                                       Sergei Ostrovsky

The Rachel and Dov Gottesman Family Prize for Viola
2020                                       Maya Tal

2013                                       Matan Noussimovitch, Shira Majoni

2010                                       Matan Gilitchensky

2007                                       Amihai Grosz

2004                                       Yuval Gotlibovich

The David Shallon Prize for Voila
2001                                        Nimrod Guaz

The and Dov Gottesman Family Prize for Cello
2018                                       Haran Meltzer

2015                                       Michal Beck

2012                                       Michael Katz and Daniel Mitnitsky

2009                                       Gal Nyska

2003                                       Carolina Singer

Best Performance of an Israeli Instrumental Piece
2020                                       Almog Segal (piano) and Jonathan Leibowitz (Clarinet)

The Ministry of Culture and Sport Prize for Best Performance of an Israeli Piece
2018                                       Elisha Kravitz

2016                                       Alon petrilin

2015                                       Talia Erdal

2014                                       Daniel Borovitzky

2013                                       Shira Majoni

2012                                       Michael Katz

2011                                       Hed Yaron Mayersohn

2010                                       Asaf Kleinman

2009                                       Yigal Kaminka

The Minister of Science, Culture and Sport Prize for Best Performance of an Israeli Piece
2008                                       Sivan Maayani-Zelikoff

2007                                       Lotem Beider

2003                                       Carolina Singer

2002                                       Ran Dank

The Minister of Education, Culture and Sport Prize for Best Performance of an Israeli  Piece
2006                                       Victor Stanislavsky

2005                                       Benny Aghassi

2004                                       Carmel String Quartet

The Olja and Miriam Zilbermann Prize for the performance of an Israeli Piece
2000                                       Alexander Fiterstein

1999                                       Sergei Ostrovsky

The Benny Gal-Ed Award for Brass                                                
2018                                       Noam Fresko

The François Schapira Prize for Composition
2020                                      Udi Perlman

The François Schapira Prize for Woodwinds

2015                                       Amit Dubester

2012                                       Margarita Timoshin

2009                                       Yigal Kaminka

2006                                       Moran Katz

2003                                       Mor Biron

2000                                       Alexander Fiterstein

The Susan and Emanuel (Bob) Kornhauser Prize for Woodwinds, donated by the Kornhauser Family of the Canada-Israel Cultural Foundation                           

2020                                      Jonathan Leibowitz

The Susan and Emanuel (Bob) Kornhauser Prize for Brass
2014                                       Gal Raviv

The Rachel and Dov Gottesman Family Prize for Brass
2011                                       Alon Stoler

The François Schapira Prize for Brass               

2008                                       Eyal Cohen

2005                                       Yuval Shapiro

1999                                       Sergei Gambarian Z”L 

The Adele and John Gray Prize for Composition
2013                                       Amit Gilutz

2011                                       Asaf Matityahu

The Yuri Ahronovitch Prize for Conducting
2008                                       Daniel Cohen

2005                                       Yaniv Dinur

The Samuel-Pierre Tarcali Prize for Guitar
2007                                       Shani Inbar

The Samuel-Pierre Tarcali Prize for Old Music Instruments                                        2005                                       Benny Aghassi

The Minister of Education, Culture and Sport Prize for Early Music Instruments
2001                                       Uri Smilansky

The Doris and Mori Arkin Prize for Mandolin                                                              2007                                       Avi Avital 

The Doris and Mori Arkin Prize for Plucked String Instruments
2004                                       Yaniv Attar

The Bilhah Davis Prize for Chamber Music
2004                                       Carmel String Quartet

2001                                       “Percadu” – Tomer Yariv & Adi Morag

The Meira Geyra “Audience Choice” Prizes
2020   Almog Segal

2018   Yuval Chen (piano), Michal Doron (singing), William Weil (cello), Noam Fresko (brass)

2016   Alon petrilin, Nir Rom Nagy

2015   Maayan Licht, Oded Hadar, Rotem Bartan

2014   Tomer Gewirtzman, Yuval Wolfson, Yuval Herz

2013   Matan Noussimovitch, Eliav Kohl, Amit Gilutz

2012   Margarita Timoshin, Raviv Leibzirer, Michael Katz, Tal Ganor

2011   Nitzan Bartana, Nir Erez, Sivan Albo Ben-Hur

2010   Boris Giltburg, Matan Gilitchensky

2009   Yigal Kaminka, Gal Nyska, Mima Millo, Alon Sariel

2008   Roman Rabinovich

2007   Amihai Grosz

2006   Moran Abulof

2005   Kinneret Sieradzki

2004  Carmel String Quartet, Inon Barnatan

2003   Carolina Singer

Winners of Competitions Previous to the Aviv Competitions

The François Schapira Prize
Bassoon – Maurizio Paez

Cello – Hillel Zori, Zvi Plesser, Konstantin Sokolov, Gavriel Lipkind, Amit Peled

Clarinet – Yevgeni Yehudin

Flute – Margalit Gafni, Michael Melzer, Eyal Ein-Habar

Guitar – Yehuda Schryer

Harpsichord – Shalev Ad-El

Oboe – Dudu Carmel

Piano – Liora Ziv-Li, Zecharia Plavin, Sara Janovski-Tal, Michal Tal, Ilan Rechtman,

Arnan Wiesel, Eitan Globerson, Arnon Erez, Alon Goldstein, Genadi Zagor, Anna Keiserman

Percussion – Benny Kunievsky, Chen Zimbalista

Recorder – Eyal Lerner

Trombone – Nitzan Haroz

Violin – Ani Schnarch, Guy Braunstein, Roi Shiloah

Voice – Danny Ettinger, Anat Efraty, Dana Glazer

The Rafi Guralnik Prize for Piano
Aviram Reichert, Alon Goldstien, Tal Weissman, Ohad Ben-Ari, Gil Garbourg, Assaf Fire

The Ilona Kornhauser Prize for Violin
Donated by the Kornhauser Family of the Canada-Israel Cultural Foundation

Hagai Shaham, Guy Braunstein, Alexander Pavlovsky

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