Early Career Support

Young Artists do not often have the means to support themselves and take necessary opportunities. Targeted career grants given to artists help make possible travel, equipment, and other related needs that will make the difference in their ability to succeed. Support can also include professional mentorship and guidance to actively manage and grow their careers internationally.

Periphery Outreach Program
AICF’s Periphery Outreach Program provides resources and support to ensure the artistic success of musicians from Israel’s underserved periphery. Over 25% of AICF’s Creative Excellence Grants (Sharett) Program recipients emanate from under-resourced regions and face unique challenges that AICF helps address by enabling musicians from the periphery to study individually with leading professors and to develop a personalized plan for success. The program offers masterclasses to engage other promising students from the region, touching the highest achieving students from the periphery while inspiring others to pursue advanced studies and build a pathway out of poverty.

Study Abroad
AICF provides study abroad support for Israeli artists who have reached the highest levels of musical accomplishment in Israel and who have been admitted to the most prestigious conservatories and universities around the world (such as Juilliard School and the Royal Academy of Music). Generous grants of up to $12,000 per recipient enable these top students to study abroad at leading institutions.

Israeli Artist Network
AICF’s popular web-based Israeli Artist Network (IAN) has become the go-to resource and cultural database connecting over 1,800 Israeli artists with arts audiences around the world. The IAN features artists from a variety of disciplines, promoting their work, collaborations and successes. The network enables Israeli artists to enhance their online presence and to connect with communities and audiences globally. It also offers arts audiences an opportunity to search for Israeli events based on geography as well as virtual ones, and to discover and learn about prominent and emerging artists.